What Are Trade Auctions?

Trade Auctions are designed for when customers are shopping their trade
and you need buy bids to avoid losing an opportunity.

Appraise with Confidence

Give customers fast, confident offers. Trade Auctions last 2 hours and allow for a maximum of 6 blind bids. The listing dealer can commit and accept bids at any time. Committing to a bid will end the auction immediately.

When to use it?
Trade Auction is best used
  • When you don’t control the car with certainty
  • When you don’t have a commit value
  • When you genuinely don’t know what the potential trade is worth
When NOT to use it?
Don’t use Trade Auction
  • When you have already made your deal - this is Inventory
  • When the car is committed to a buyer
  • When you don’t control the car with certainty
List From Your Phone
2 minutes & your auction is posted
  • Open mobile site & select “Create Auction” from menu
  • Fill out the vehicles info & condition report
  • Take pictures from your phone then upload them to the mobile site
  • Post to the auction & get bids quickly!
  • VIN Scanner coming soon! Thanks for your patience
Why 6 Bids?
Speed & Competition!
  • Sellers want fast bidding, so we’re rewarding the first 6 to the table
  • Enter your blind bid once & lock in your seat
  • Only the seller will be shown the bidding prices entered
  • Car is not guaranteed to sell since customer has not committed to dealer
Instant Chat
Communicate Fast & Efficient
  • Bidders can reply to Seller from text notification
  • Seller can reply to all bidders from website
  • Additional pictures can be sent using chat modal
  • Communicate with your bidders, work together to make deals happen