Arbitration Tailored To The Highline & Exotic Markets
Buy and Sell with confidence. The DCA arbitration policy is inspired by NAAA guidelines and has been specifically designed to cater to our unique segment of the industry. Our policy ensures fair, ethical and reliable treatment to both buyer and seller.
Sale Light System

DCA uses a sale light system which allows selling dealers to define and outline the condition and announcements of their vehicles.

Sellers are responsible for auctioning vehicles under the correct light as well as stating all relevant announcements.

Buyers are responsible for observing and understanding what the various lights indicate as well as reading and acknowledging any announcements stated in the vehicles “Condition Report”.

The DCA Condition Report: Designed For Exotic Dealers

DCA Condition Reports are specifically designed to cater to the highline and exotic markets and place a deliberate emphasis on vehicle details that may not be as relevant in other markets.

Items such as manuals, keys and other accessories that play an enhanced role in the DCA Condition Reports.

Please be aware that a more liberal use of the “Yellow Light” is intentional and designed to ensure transparency.