Introducing The DCA Daily

Because Your Time Is Valuable!

We’re condensing all inventory auctions into ONE daily run list. Prepare in advance by knowing what auctions are going live, and when. Reserves will be reviewed to make sure pricing is on the money, add cars to your Watchlist that best fit your needs and bid with confidence!

Rules List Rules
  • Vehicles must be submitted by 1pm Eastern for same-day acceptance
  • Bidding will begin at 2pm Eastern
  • Auctions will have staggered end times from 5p-7p Eastern
  • Run List emails will be sent out at 1p, 4:45p & 5:45p Eastern
Realistic Reserves

DCA believes that the community is best served with reserves that are realistic. The reserve price for every vehicle submitted for auction will now be reviewed to ensure appropriate pricing for the wholesale market. A 10% buffer is included to allow for flexibility, but we want to make sure every vehicle on the DCA Daily is priced to sell.

Total Inventory Flexibility

Please note that Fixed Price and Trade Auctions are not included in the DCA Daily and are designed to promote any inventory you wish to spotlight. Fixed Price auctions remain live for 5 days, Trade Auctions are limited to two hours

What’s DCA Bringing Next?

DCA auction pages are being enhanced to include easy access to essential KPI’s and market data. Access to the full appraisal suite remains available, but we have cherry picked some of your favorite metrics and included them on the auction page. Vehicle KPI’s are dealership specific while Market Analysis looks at the entire marketplace.