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DoubleClutch Automotive Announces Second Product Launch, The DCA Exchange!

DoubleClutch Automotive beta-launched its appraisal software to select dealerships on August 1st and as we welcome these dealers to the community, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our second product- the DoubleClutch Exchange.

The DCA Exchange platform provides direct pier-to-pier inventory communication between highline and exotic dealers and managers across the country. The exchange allows for real-time auctions (both timed and static) and users determine who to offer the car to, and how to offer it to them.

Interested in joining the DCA Exchange as a beta-user? Click here

We don’t need just any wholesale outlets, we need the right outlets.

It is a reality that the highline and exotic marketplace has needs and obstacles not faced by the traditional automotive dealer, and with that of course is a need for different solutions to meet and overcome these hurdles. The typical dealer has no issues with procuring or disposing of cars at auction- we do. The traditional dealer has no issues wholesaling aged inventory to local competition like we do. This is no knock to the traditional dealer, these are just facts.

What is also a matter of fact is that despite the high dollar value of our wares, our segment of the industry has remained largely ignored by the vast industry which support said traditional dealers. There are no guide books or reliable auction data to guide us. There is no easy check writing bids (sans a handful of remote sources) and thus DoubleClutch aims to address these needs with a series of product launches.

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