DCA Commitment Policy

A seller can post a Trade Auction anytime without making a commitment to sell. If the Seller selects “Commit to Bid” in their auction, they are indicating that they have full control of the car and will sell it to the bidder for the bid amount entered. In the event that a seller does not do so, either DCA or the Buyer may invoke, in addition to other arbitration remedies, a fee of up to $1000 to compensate the Buyer for each sale not honored


DCA is committed to ensuring that the buying and selling process on the platform is easy, reliable and defined by integrity. Our Commitment Policy is designed to provide the buyer with confidence in our listings and to hold sellers accountable for managing, representing and making good on all facets of their listings.

Policy Details

The DCA Commitment Policy is applied to both Run List Auctions as well as Trade Auctions. A Run List“Sale” is defined by a completed auction that has met or exceeded its reserve price, or has been purchased using the Buy It Now feature. A Trade Auction “Sale” is defined as anytime in which the seller, or selling agent uses the “Commit To Bid”feature either during or post-auction. In these instances, the Buyer has a reasonable expectation that it has purchased the vehicle and if the Seller does not provide the vehicle to complete the transaction it is deemed a “Breach of Commitment, and is subject to penalties defined. Any reported Breach is reviewed by DCA at its sole discretion. Qualifying reasons for a transaction to be deemed“Breach of Commitment”are as follows:

  1. Vehicle is Sold Retail
  2. Vehicle Listed in Error
  3. Incorrect Sales Price*

*DCA is a member based community and buyer and seller are always permitted, and encouraged to reach an agreeable solution without the involvement of DCA. The DCA Commitment Policy serves to protect the community as a whole in the event that resolution cannot be accomplished.