About Double Clutch
The preeminent online marketplace to Buy, Sell, Trade and Appraise the Highline and Exotic Markets.

DCA’s primary goal is to lower the costs that Highline and Exotic dealers have to pay when acquiring quality inventory. DCA’s proprietary suite of software is specifically designed to leverage unique marketplace advantages with cutting edge technologies in order to infuse efficiencies and cost saving measures into a segment of the marketplace that has been largely ignored.

Our solutions are designed to increase trade conversion, promote dealer to dealer cooperation and tackle age old problems in a modern day way...

Exchange Platform

The premier online marketplace for Highline and Exotic professionals. The DCA exchange provides its dealer network with all the formalities of the traditional auction, but without the transactional fees.

We feel that dealers operating in the highline simply cannot absorb the acquisition costs of traditional auctions and our solutions provides our network with the ability to buy, sell and trade with total confidence, amongst a community of peers.

Our streamlined marketplace is tailored to unique needs and transactions occur directly between buyer and seller. All vehicles on the exchange contain comprehensive condition reports and are peace of mind comes from an NAAA inspired arbitration policy.

Appraisal Platform

The industry’s first appraisal guide designed specifically for the highline and exotic marketplace. Our proprietary software leverages unique marketplace advantages along with an incredibly powerful, market-driven algorithm to provide the most accurate and comprehensive values across all makes, models and trims.

Analyze the best region to buy the vehicle you’re looking for to get the best price, and see what region is the best place to sell your vehicle. This can change by vehicle type, make, price range and even down to the trim level. Also, for those looking to sell vehicles from multiple dealerships or to different customers, learn what region of the country will gain the most profit for your vehicle asset.